Natural Gypsy has moved to Australia and is no longer taking online orders in Canada. Our products will be available at the Pantry in Blairmore for our local clients. We hope to arrange shipping from Australia in the near future.

About Us

In 2011 we were living in the city and working our way up the corporate ladder.  Cate was working as a Compliance Manager for a large education provider and Blaine was working in finance.  Both jobs were high stress, highly paid and required long hours.  We had an expensive house, an expensive car and were happily working our lives away.

In July of 2011 everything changed.  Cate was pregnant with our first child and was admitted to the hospital at 5 months.  She remained there until our son was born at 28 weeks.  He weighed 1.2 kg and was extremely sick.  He was given very little chance of survival and even less chance of being healthy if he did survive.  After 3 more months in the hospital, our son Jensen was finally well enough to be sent home.  Happily, he is a perfectly healthy 8-year-old now.

That event made us re-evaluate the way we were living.  We were both very healthy, we ate well and exercised regularly.    There had to be a reason for this. If it wasn’t the way we were eating and it wasn’t lack of exercise, then what was it?  There were only two other things we could control: the air we were breathing and the products we were using.

We moved out of the city and started paying more attention to the ingredients in the soaps, creams, toothpaste, etc. that we were using.  Not surprisingly, most of the ingredients were not natural, and even worse, many have been linked to serious health and environmental issues.

We’ve used the best quality natural ingredients to create a line of products that not only nourish and protect your body, but they are also safe for the environment.  We believe that healthy living includes your body, mind and soul.

Nature has made our products.  We simply assemble them for you.