Natural Gypsy has moved to Australia and is no longer taking online orders in Canada. Our products will be available at the Pantry in Blairmore for our local clients. We hope to arrange shipping from Australia in the near future.

What are hydrosols and why do we make our own?

Hydrosol is the pure aromatic botanical water which is produced during the steam distillation of plants, the same process that extracts the essential oils.  When hot water is poured over the plants, the cells are softened, releasing their volatile organic compounds resulting in a richly fragrant, intensely hydrating botanical water.

Botanical hydrosols are ideal for skincare because the tiny aromatic molecules are easily absorbed into the skin.  The resulting fragrance can be uplifting, calming, or stress-relieving.

Many of the hydrosols we use in our recipes are made from plants we grow in our garden.  We grow all of our plants organically and we harvest them on the same morning that we make the hydrosols.  We take care to leave enough flowers for the local bee population.  When we are finished making the hydrosols, we compost the plants and return them to the garden to feed the soil.  There are some plants that cannot be grown locally, and these hydrosols are sourced from suppliers that are certified organic and who share our philosophy.

We believe that a healthy body begins with healthy skin, and good quality natural products are essential for healthy skin.  We also believe that if the soil is not healthy, it's not possible to grow quality plants.  This is why we make our own hydrosols or source them from certified organic suppliers.  It's a closed circle and we make sure that every part of it is the best it can be.